Azerbaijani blogger living in Germany was attacked in Berlin

Foto: Meydan TV

Orkhan Agayev is currently under doctor’s supervision

Azerbaijani blogger Orkhan Agayev, who currently lives in Berlin, was reportedly attacked in front of his apartment in Germany.

He claims that two other Azerbaijanis attacked and injured him.

In the video Agayev shared with Meydan TV, which was filmed by his wife, two people are shown attacking him.

Journalist Afgan Mukhtarli, who also lives in Germany, says that there three people who attacked Orkhan Aghayev. Two of them injured him, and one was observing:

“He told me about it himself. He said that those who beat him did not say anything to him, and in the end the observer ordered them to “go away”. I reminded that Orkhan Agayev was already attacked and beaten before. Moreover, he was placed on an international wanted list by the General Prosecutor’s Office. A criminal case has been opened against him for incitement to mass riots, attempted coup d’état and other serious charges in Azerbaijan”.

Orkhan Aghayev’s is currently in the hospital waiting for a doctor’s opinion about his injuries.

Earlier this year, Azerbaijani blogger Mohammad Mirzali was also attacked in France. Later, the French police found the two people they detained as suspects in the assassination of Mohammad Mirzali .

It was announced that one of the detainees was an Azerbaijani, and the other was a Moldovan of Turkish descent.

Before that, Tural Sadiğli, a political emigrant living in Germany and the founder of “Azad Soz” channel, issued a statement saying that his life was in danger .

Stating that he was threatened with death, Sadigli added that this was done directly on the instructions of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev:

“Both myself and my parents were threatened with death. They wrote to me many times not to talk about Mehriban Aliyeva and her team. They also wanted to take money, they said that we will give you monthly funding, don’t touch the president and his family.”

Orkhan Agayev is an online media activist and organizes together with other political exiles from his country protests in Europe to draw attention to the political situation in Azerbaijan. The group has not only been formally charged with crimes in their absence with arrest warrants issued, but the authorities have also vowed to ask Interpol for their extradition.

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