Cyber attacks carried out on state institutions and banks

Hacker attack. Source: VitaliNaumov/Shutterstock

On August 8, there were large-scale cyber attacks against a number of state institutions and banks of Azerbaijan.

The State Service of Special Communication and Information Security was hacked, but it was not reported which services were specifically targeted or which information was stolen. It is believed that more public institutions also suffered the cyber attack.

The Service’s Computer Incident Response Center (CIC) warned last week that large-scale cyber attacks against Azerbaijan’s electronic information resources were expected.

In April of this year, the Internet resource of the Compulsory Medical Insurance Bureau was subjected to a cyber attack. According to the information spread by the perpetrators of the hack, it was claimed that the entire system of the Compulsory Insurance Bureau was destroyed and more than 40 million pieces of information were seized.

At that time, information technology expert Osman Günduz told Meydan TV that the current situation indicates serious deficiencies on the cyber security of public data in Azerbaijan.

He believes that the regulations on ensuring the security of critical information infrastructure, which should be prepared on the basis of a relevant decree of the President, should be adopted as soon as possible.

According to Günduz, it is also crucial that the Azerbaijani legislation on the protection of personal data is adapted to European standards and penalties to the public and private sector entities that fail to protect personal data should be tightened.

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