Group of war veterans rally in front of Azerbaijani Defense Ministry

Some are frustrated bureaucracy and corruption in gaining official recognition.

Ministry: "Citizens were listened to and military units were instructed to investigate the matter."

On 29 June, a group of last years' war veterans staged a rally in front of the Ministry of Defense to protest disability-related medical problems.

The protesters said that although they took part in the advances of Fizuli, Jabrayil and Khojavend, their namesare not in the decree signed by the President on 26 June.

Some protesters are dissatisfied with the inability to obtain veteran status, not being sent for treatment, and being demanded to give bribes to receive disability status.

One of the protesters told Turan News Agency that people were asked to pay bribes to be awarded the medal.

The Defense Ministry told that the protesters were received by the ministry.

During the meeting, it was noted that the servicemen were awarded medals by studying the way they fought and their direct participation in the war.

The ministry stated afterwards that the citizens were listened to and relevant instructions were given to the military units to investigate the issue.

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