Opposition party member detained again on the same day of his release

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Interior claims Elkhan Aliyev is wanted for debt.

Illustration of an arrested person. Source: Meydan TV

Elkhan Aliyev, a member of the organizational department of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), was detained again on April 18, shortly after his release from a month-long administrative detention. 

The party told Meydan TV that Aliyev was arrested in front of the temporary detention center for administrative detainees where he was incarcerated.

According to the witness and also member of the PFPA Mammad Ibrahim, “Elkhan Aliyev was released from prison. As soon as he came out, plainclothesmen stopped him and said he was wanted for some civil case”. He was then put in a car and taken to an unknown direction.

Aliyev’s family members affirm that he did not receive any notice from the police department during his detention informing that he was being prosecuted for an additional case.

Relatives believe that the persecutions are a punishment for his political views as a member of an opposition party and as an open critic of the current government.

The Regional Group of the Ministry of Interior informed Meydan TV that Aliyev was detained again regarding a complaint from a debtor and that he needed to be brought to justice immediately.

Elkhan Aliyev was in custody since March 19. He was sentenced to 30 days of administrative detention under disobedience to a request of the police. He claims that the accusation of resisting the police is false, and that money in his car was confiscated during the detention. 

The head of the press service of the Ministry of Interior, Elshad Hajiyev, denied all allegations.

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