InVEST® User Guide

  • Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
  • Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Stanford University Department of Biology
  • Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Suggested citation: Natural Capital Project, 2024. InVEST 3.14.1. Stanford University, University of Minnesota, Chinese Academy of Sciences, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.


  • Angarita, Héctor

  • Arkema, Katie

  • Bhagabati, Nirmal

  • Bailey, Allison

  • Bernhardt, Joanna

  • Bierbower, Will

  • Brauman, Kate

  • Bryant, Benjamin

  • Cameron, David

  • Chan, Kai

  • Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca

  • Chaumont, Nicolas

  • Conte, Marc

  • Daily, Gretchen

  • Davies, Jeremy

  • Delevaux, Jade

  • Denu, Douglas

  • Douglass, James

  • Eichelberger, Bradley

  • Ennaanay, Driss

  • Faries, Joe

  • Fisher, David

  • Glowinski, Kathryn

  • Goldstein, Jesse

  • Goldstein, Joshua

  • Griffin, Robert

  • Guannel, Gregory

  • Guerry, Anne

  • Guswa, Andrew

  • Janke, Ben

  • Johnson, Justin

  • Hamel, Perrine

  • Han, Baolong

  • Kareiva, Peter

  • Kennedy, Christina

  • Kim, Choong-Ki

  • Lacayo-Emery, Martin

  • Leon, Jorge

  • Li, Yingjie

  • Lin, Chia-Yi (Joanna)

  • Liu, Hongxiao

  • Lonsdorf, Eric

  • Lozano, Juan Sebastian

  • Mandle, Lisa

  • Mendoza, Guillermo

  • Moritsch, Monica

  • Mueller, Nathan

  • Nelson, Erik

  • Nootenboom, Chris

  • Olwero, Nasser

  • Ouyang, Zhiyun

  • Papenfus, Michael

  • Pennington, Derric

  • Perelman, Adam

  • Polasky, Stephen

  • Reguero, Borja

  • Remme, Roy

  • Ricketts, Taylor

  • Rogers, Lauren

  • Ruckelshaus, Mary

  • Silver, Jessica

  • Schmitt, Rafael

  • Sharp, Richard

  • Shaw, Rebecca

  • Soth, Emily

  • Tallis, Heather

  • Tam, Christine

  • Toft, Jodie

  • Underwood, Emma

  • Verutes, Gregory

  • Vogl, Adrian

  • Wolny, Stacie

  • Wood, Spencer

  • Wright, Michael

  • Wyatt, Katherine

  • Qi, Yi

  • Zheng, Hua

  • Ziv, Guy

In addition, we acknowledge the help of hundreds of collaborators co-creating solutions in engagements around the world.

*We do our best to keep this list comprehensive and up to date but recognize we may have inadvertently missed someone. If you do not see your name listed above and think it should be, please contact

Attribution Guidelines

When referring to analyses or data products that were produced with InVEST, please cite the use of InVEST and include a hyperlink (e.g., This analysis used InVEST ® : The trademark symbol (®) should be used at the first mention of InVEST. The full citation for papers, reports, etc. is available above. You are also welcome to use the InVEST logo in line with our Trademark and Logo Use Policy .

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