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Subject: Please support the "A options" for Trinity

Dear Councilors,

Please vote to further study the A options for Trinity, which include roundabouts and the single through lane with turn bays. This option shows the best promise to further beautify our downtown area, enhance pedestrian access to Trinity businesses and residences, and increase safety for all users of the road.

Modern roundabouts have a well-established track record for improved safety, better traffic flow, and lower maintenance cost, when compared to signalized intersections. A 2000 study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found 40% fewer crashes, 80% fewer injuries, and 90% fewer serious injuries at intersections converted from signals to roundabouts. As a driver I would have no problem with up to 8 roundabouts along Trinity, and as a walker I would enjoy the opportunity to cross the street without having to run for my life.

I also like the proposed lane configuration in the A options. It would allow me to walk along Trinity with feet instead of inches between me and high-speed traffic, and the bike lanes would let me ride downtown without having to climb the steep hill along Canyon, not to mention providing bike access to Trinity businesses. I'm a fan of the notion of a single through lane with dedicated turn bays; this would go a long way toward preventing traffic from bunching up like it does now when someone tries to turn left into the hospital.

There's little about the A options not to like, and I hope you vote to continue exploring this exciting opportunity to improve our downtown area!

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