Things are not yet decided

Now that council's made a decision, letters to council opposing the council decision are coming in fast and furious. Please take a moment to tell council that you still support their previous decision, and encourage them to move forward on this issue and not backwards.

Thank you for helping!

Council decided on January 25 to move forward on options A2 and A3, two of the three options endorsed by this site. Thank you for your thoughtful letters and spoken comments!

Four things you can do to help

  1. Talk to your friends and colleagues.

    A lot of people don't know anything about what's being discussed, or might have a negative reaction to hearing about any modifications to Trinity. Study our FAQ and talk to people about how the changes would benefit every user of the road, from businesses and commuters to the middle-school student and elderly pedestrian.

  2. Patronize local businesses.

    Some have made the argument that the A options will somehow kill local businesses, apparently oblivious to the thriving business community along our low-speed, walkable Central Avenue. Visit a local business and tell them how much you appreciate a walkable downtown, and how much you'd like that feel to extend to Trinity!

  3. Write a letter to the editor.

    Letters to the editor are the only feel that many people have for the pulse of the community. We need our entire community to let their opinions be known, not just a dozen frequent mailers. Use the FAQ and roundabouts page to help you support your points with research and facts; then send a letter to the editor.

  4. Write an email to Council.

    Council pays close attention to their inboxes. We have an example email you can use as a starting point for your own email, but even a few short lines is better than nothing at all. A single email to will reach all 7 Council members.

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