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Unlock Your Data

Open Portfolio Warehouse (OPW) monitors all of your Axys® files and loads the data within minutes of change into a SQL Server database.  OPW is unique from other extraction solutions in two major ways. 

  1. First, with our “near-time” synchronization, the warehouse data does not become stale or obsolete as changes are posted.  Most solutions are only accurate at the time of loading, limiting the usefulness and dependability of the data.

  2. Secondly, as the data is loaded into the Warehouse, our versioning technology provides an undisturbed record of each data point that has changed.  This provides the audit trail missing in Axys®.  The audit trail improves the compliance aspect of your business and provides a wealth of historical data. 


OPW is not limited to only Axys® data.  We can also setup the warehouse to extract, load and version any structured data source, such as index returns or fundamental data.  Integration is also possible, as the SQL Server environment provides an open, yet secured environment for data sharing. 

Data  Integrity

Data warehousing and business intelligence provide a platform for data and process improvements.  Data integrity filters provide a proactive method of trapping errors quickly and finding inconsistencies in your data. 

Setup filters to watch for duplicate postings, security price changes exceeding a certain tolerance, performance outliers or dividend accrual problems.  When you combine data filters with our Task Manager, you have an effective method of quickly trapping errors in your data and efficiently managing by exception.  All integrity reports can be run on demand or setup to be auto-sent to an email distribution list.

Task Manager handles the scheduling and execution of a wide range of recurring tasks and jobs.  A typical task might involve a database query that checks for the existence or absence of data, causing various actions to occur. 

  1. For example, a daily capital flows report can be automatically emailed to portfolio managers; operational staff can be notified of inconsistent posting entries or a manager can be alerted if a price file is modified prior to an acceptable time period.  Task Manager also controls the Warehouse, suspending the application each night for backups for example.

Our clients benefit from our business experience and expertise.  We bring more than 20 years of experience into each relationship, which we use to help clients implement process and data improvements.

Maximize the use of your Axys™ licenses.

Why a Data Warehouse?

The rapid pace of change, coupled with an ever growing volume of data has created a new set of business challenges for investment managers.   Vast resources of time and money are spent “managing” data, yet at the end of the day, most organizations are left running in place.  

Investment advisors need the ability to quickly analyze their data and to identify issues and opportunities for improving their decision making and operational processes.  Monitoring and distributing these analyses on a scheduled basis serves to improve the quality of work and helps to reduce costs associated with mistakes. 

Excel is often the fall back tool that most people depend upon for consolidating, organizing and maintaining data.  While certainly a robust computing  platform, Excel is not the most efficient method for managing and mining data. 

A consolidated database provides a wide range of benefits:

Leverage Existing Data - information generated by business processes have value beyond the scope of the process or owner that created it.  For example, the client ledger contains fee posting entries that can be aggregated to provide revenue trends, or position history can provide an asset allocation comparison across time.

Timely Data - strategic and operational decisions are often based upon stale or partial information.  OPW synchronizes the data warehouse within minutes of any changes, which provides timely data when you need it.

Faster Answers - the essence of a database is the ability to quickly search for data.  Having aggregate data compiled allows for instantaneous access to a wide range of answers.

Providing technology tools that empower users with access to relevant information is the key to improving effectiveness and efficiency.

Open Portfolio Warehouse is the solution for Axys®