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Dash Boards

Dash boards provide an effective method of presenting summary information in a visual way.  A dashboard can include navigation links that pass parameters to other reports, allowing your users a simple method to access client reports.  Reports can include drill-down and drill-through functionality which provides an intuitive point-and-click interface.

We can help you design and implement dashboards and reports that support the way you run your business and portfolios.  As previous practitioners, we never embraced the idea that our workflows and business needs had to adapt to the capability of our vendors software.   The flexible nature of our warehouse allows for rapid customization of reports, dashboards, etc.

Our database structure provides a reporting platform that your Associates can leverage for faster, smarter decision making.  Combine data in new ways to gain greater visibility about your business and portfolios or to upgrade the content and quality of internal and client reporting.

Reporting possibilities are nearly endless and easily integrated with existing data and systems.  Explore your portfolio data through the lenses of a database and discover answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet!

Our library includes the typical portfolio reports, but it also contains reports that you can’t produce in Axys®.  Reports can be easily exported to PDF, XML, CSV, TIFF, HTML or Excel.

Portfolio appraisals, purchase/sale or performance reports can now be viewed directly from Insight , a web browser or inside your CRM.  The data can be aggregated, filtered, grouped and manipulated to suit your specific needs.

Graphs, Charts & More

An attractive feature of Microsoft Reporting Services is the ability to include a wide range of charts and graphs.  The ability to customize the report and chart settings in a very granular way, allows for stunning reports.

Why Microsoft Reporting Services?

As an open-structured database environment, there are many tools and methods for accessing the data and for creating reports, including Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, Excel and many other third-party development apps.  We chose to build our library of reports using Reporting Services for several reasons:   

  1. No incremental costs:  the application and license are included with SQL Server.

  2. Established product that Microsoft is committed to expanding and improving.

  3. Open environment that provides our client’s with development options, including a large independent community of consultants.

  4. A great, web-based reporting tool that provides flexibility and power, including the ability to incorporate graphs.

Enhanced Reporting - New Ways of Viewing Your Data

Report Automation and Customization with OPW ReportPro

OPW ReportPro, our report packaging and distribution solution, will stream line your communication activities.

  1. Setup custom report packages for each of your clients or third party recipients (accountants, advisors, etc.).  Standard package models can be assigned to clients with common attributes such as Institutional or Retail, Taxable or Tax Exempt, etc.

  2. Report package can include Microsoft Reporting Services reports, Axys® reports, APX® reports, Word documents, spreadsheets, PDF (client specific or global), content from OTHER ReportPro packages, and text files.  Setup documents to included data, such as address information, drawn directly from the warehouse or most other data sources.

  3. The ability to place a hold status on a report, which keeps it in the queue but suspends publication until the hold is removed.

  4. Sophisticated Printing that allows for different options for each page of the report package.  For example, have your address and cover page printed in black and white, with a portrait orientation and drawn from the top printer tray that contains letter head.  The executive summary page, which contains tables and graphs, can be printed in color, in landscape mode and from tray 2.

  5. Batch printing that allows for prioritizing specific reports.

  6. The final PDF document can be auto-filed on your file servers multiple times and multiple ways or auto-publish to your Microsoft SharePoint Server.

OPW ReportPro will improve internal communication and enhance your client reporting, while providing incredible flexibility in the content of your reports and their delivery methods.  Ask us about integrating OPW ReportPro with your existing CRM and work flow processes.

Insight, our user application included with your subscription, has an intuitive interface that provides your entire organization access to the warehouse data, without the cost of additional licenses.

Rapidly browse using the quick search feature or navigate using a list of favorites.  Included is a comprehensive library of typical reports, but it also contains reports that you can’t produce in Axys®.   Modify the layout or description of the menus to fit your organization and add custom reports to the library.

Filter,  Group, and Aggregate

Our data grid provides the ability to filter on date ranges, group columns and export directly to excel.  All grid settings, such has groupings, hidden columns, etc. are saved for the user and automatically applied the next time the report is viewed.  A powerful feature of Insight is group aggregation,  so for many of our reports, changing from an account to an Axys® group will automatically cause the report to display a consolidated view of the data set.

Security  Reference - A New Standard

Want to focus on a specific security?   The data warehouse provides a powerful method of viewing security specific information.  

View all client ledger entries for a specific security, filtered by date and grouped by transactions (left); review split adjusted prices, unrealized gain/loss (aggregated for a dynamic group or at the account level), calculate its internal rate of return or review its details including historical changes.

Performance  Analytics

With compiled performance data in the warehouse, performance comparisons are a snap. 

Select a group of accounts and quickly compare results for rolling periods or static periods like month, quarter or year.  Toggle between gross and net or change the period reference.  Filter for performance outliers before creating your composites, or even better, calculate weighted returns for any group of accounts - composites on the fly!

Insight, a powerful interface to the warehouse