Unlock Your Data

Provide company-wide access to your portfolio reports without the cost of additional licenses.

Enhanced Reporting

Upgrade the quality of your client reports, including charts and family aggregation.


Open Portfolio Warehouse organizes your scattered Axys® data into one centralized, open SQL Server database.  Our technology synchronizes your Axys® data as it changes and provides an audit trail of each change.

A Data Warehouse Solution for the Advent Axys® platform.

Open Portfolio Warehouse makes your use of Axys® better by providing a flexible environment for robust, custom report writing and by improving the quality of your data and processes with data integrity filters.

New Features

  1. ‣ Historical Positions load speed doubled!

  2. ‣ APX reports added to ReportPro Batch reporting.

  3. Permissions schema updated to allow for restricting access to both Accounts and Groups.

  4. Audit functionality now supports tracking who made the change to your Axys® data.

Smarter Data

Empower your Associates with new methods of interacting and viewing data.  Analyze and present your data in ways not possible in Axys®.

Client Portal

Open Portfolio Warehouse can automate the creation and publication of client reports directly into a client document portal.