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Latest: activists arrested for taking a stand against air pollution. Sign our petition to #standwithsephie and tell Volkswagen to #DitchDiesel

Posted by India Thorogood - 22nd September 2017

Police have just arrested the last two climbers involved in our Volkswagen diesel blockade after they spent last night on top of a lighting gantry in the Sheerness import park, where they immobilised many of the VW diesel cars in the park by holding the keys.

Show your support by signing our petition telling Volkswagen to #standwithsephie and #DitchDiesel 

Latest video

Watch as Meena and Jo come down from a tower they’ve been occupying for over 28 hours.

Menne and Jo were up the tower to #StandWithSephie – a 2 and a half year old with breathing problems – and thousands like her impacted by air pollution.


Our brave activists spent the night in windy conditions but they were in good spirits this morning.


Watch our Facebook video to catch up with everything that happened yesterday

And remember to sign the petition!

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