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The Philadelphia employment attorneys of The Lacy Employment Law Firm specialize in all aspects of New Jersey and Pennsylvania law regarding employment and workplace discrimination. The firm has represented many clients over the past 40 years. These cases include issues such contract negotiations as well as labor disputes, wrongful firing, discrimination in employment, sexual harassment, business "divorces", shareholder oppression, whistleblower and whistleblower claims. https://employment-labor-law.com/philadelphia-employment-lawyers/

The Lacy Employment Law firm is multi-practice and serves clients in Philadelphia as well as the surrounding areas. It represents employees involved in employment-related disputes. This includes retaliation. Its attorneys are able to work with numerous experts such as doctors and vocational specialists, tax experts, and physical therapists in order to assist clients. Mike Silver & Cynthia J. Silver founded Silver & J. in 1981. Mike was instrumental in helping the Pennsylvania legislature adopt legislation on medical records access for disabled people.

The Lacy Employment Law Law provides employee representation in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Andrew Abramson is the principal lawyer. He has more than 20 years experience in representing employees who have been wrongfully fired due to discrimination in their age, sex or medical condition. He defends whistleblowers, helps to mediate in various agreements, and fights for workers who have been subject to sexual harassment. Abramson's expertise in employment law allows him to develop strategies that achieve his clients' goals.

Residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey are represented by The Lacy Employment Law Firm. The Lacy Employment Law Firm represents residents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This includes residents in Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware as well as residents in Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware as well as residents in Bucks, Delaware, Chester and Berks. Lancaster, Northampton and Lehigh Counties. The Lacy Employment Law Firm can represent residents of Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia and South Philadelphia. Pocono. Scranton. Reading. Elizabethtown. Quakertown. Ephrata. Williamsport. Leesport. Lehighton. The Lacy Employment Law Firm represents New Jersey residents who live in Cherry Hill, Trenton and Flemington.

Are you a worker who was injured at work or enquiring about workers' comp benefits?

The Lacy Employment Law in Philadelphia is a law office that serves clients all over the city. Employees are represented by the firm's employment lawyers in disputes regarding overtime pay and salary. The National Employment Lawyers Association is a membership organization that promotes employee rights and supports attorneys who work for equality and justice in American workplaces. Andrew Santillo (Lacy Employment Law) and Andrew Santillo (the firm's founders), have combined 50 years of legal experience and have received numerous recognitions in this industry.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm is a top-rated Employment Law firm. They have been consistently rated the best Employment Law firm in Pennsylvania. Lacy Employment Law has also been honored as a Super Lawyer. They are highly regarded for many reasons. I experienced this firsthand when handling my case. They provided me with a thorough and free consultation. This is their usual practice. Other firms charged me $500 for an initial consultation. I was not assured that they would accept me as their client. The Lacy Employment Law Firm will give you an honest and realistic assessment of your situation. You will be informed if your chances of winning are very low. Some firms are willing to accept any case, regardless of its merits. You don't want to pay legal fees for a case in which you have little or no chance at winning. This will never happen if you consult The Lacy Employment Law firm first. Most of the negative reviews posted on this site come from people who were given the truth about their situation and the realistic options available to them.

Did you get fired shortly after an injury on the job?

Federal, state and local laws state that if an employer makes decisions based sex, race, religion, national origin, color, disability or age, the employee or potential employee may have a claim for monetary damages or for injunctive relief.

All parties could evaluate the matter from fully informed points-of view. In the end, a just and fair solution was reached in a professional manner that was acceptable to all. This result has afforded me the opportunity to prepare for a new professional career (now progressing successfully) without having to face the undue financial hardships that would have occurred had I "gone it alone", or hired the wrong law firm.The experience, knowledge and client dedication of Lacy Employment Law and his firm made it possible for me to make a new start in life. Seeking the best legal representation possible in employment matters is one of the best decisions a person could ever make, and The Lacy Employment Law Firm are the best.

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They were honest, reliable and hardworking. I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a professional, caring group of lawyers. My phone calls were answered promptly. I was delighted with their results and would highly recommend them.

The Law Offices of The Lacy Employment Law offers legal services to clients throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Employers and employees are represented by the firm in various employment law matters. These include sexual harassment and whistleblower claims, retaliation and wilful omissions, Family and Medical Leave Act and discrimination based on gender, race and ethnicity. This firm is available to small businesses without an in-house legal department. The firm's attorney, The Lacy Employment Law has almost 30 years of litigation experience.

The Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register has recognized the Lacy Employment Law Firm as an outstanding law firm in the area of civil rights litigation and employment law. Our Philadelphia employment law firm focuses exclusively on representing employees and employers in all aspects related to employment litigation. This includes claims under federal and/or state anti-discrimination laws as well as federal civil rights laws. Our New Jersey and Pennsylvania employment lawyers have extensive experience representing employers and employees in civil and employment matters.

The Lacy Employment Law represents Philadelphia residents involved in employment-related cases. It handles employment law matters such as wrongful termination and sexual harassment. Its goal is to provide individual representation by creating a strategy tailored to each client's needs. The team also deals with personal injury and general lawsuits. Jason L. Pearlman was the founding partner and managing attorney of the firm. Prior to his establishment, he worked with trial lawyers.

Advertising Materials for Attorneys This website is owned and managed by The Lacy Employment Law Firm. This website is for informational purposes only. This site is not meant to be used as a source of legal advice.

The Law Offices of The Lacy Employment Law is a Philadelphia law firm that provides legal services to clients. The firm represents employees and employers in various employment matters. These include sexual harassment and whistleblower cases, retaliation and whiplash claims, Family and Medical Leave Act and discrimination against people based on their gender, race and/or ethnicity. The firm provides support for small businesses without an in house legal department. The Lacy Employment Law is the firm's attorney. He has over 30 years experience in litigation.

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The Law Office of The Lacy Employment Law was established in 1984. The firm's team of Philadelphia-based employment lawyers serves clients in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. The firm represents employees who have suffered workplace harassment, discrimination and sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation and unpaid wages. American Academy of Trial Attorneys has named Christopher F. Bagnato as one of the Primer 100 Trial Attorneys of Pennsylvania.

Know Your Options—and How To Protect Yourself OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is tasked with protecting the […]

In certain circumstances, it is illegal for a person to be fired. The law does not allow employees to fire people based on their sexual orientation, race, religion or disability.

All parties could assess the matter from informed perspectives. At the end, all parties reached a fair resolution in a professional way that was acceptable to them. This result has given me the chance to start a new profession (now moving forward successfully), without having to worry about the financial hardships or "going it alone". Lacy Employment Law and his team made it possible for us to make a fresh start. We have the experience, knowledge and commitment of Lacy Employment Law. The best decision that a person could make in their life is to seek out the best legal counsel possible for employment matters. The Lacy Employment Law Firm offers the best.

The Lacy Employment Law was founded in 2011 in Philadelphia. It also has offices in New York City and Newark. It represents employees in all aspects of employment law including discrimination, harassment, FLSA and hostile work environments. The firm also handles ADA violations and claims. It has extensive experience in bringing cases before federal and state courts, as well as the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Are you being paid overtime compensation by your employer but not getting it? Or have you been misclassified as exempt from overtime compensation by your employer?

Since my office opened, I have been fighting for the rights of employees to fair treatment at work. My partners and I have the knowledge and resources necessary to confront employers and their legal staff and get justice for clients.

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* The awards and accolades on this website were given to the attorneys or the entire firm by the respective recipients. These awards and accolades are Avvo Inc. Super Lawyers. These advertisements have not been approved or reviewed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm is committed in protecting the rights and interests of workers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The Lacy Employment Law was established in 1999. It has offices in Philadelphia, Allentown, Reading. It represents employees in cases involving sexual abuse, harassment, or whistleblower claims. It assists individuals in obtaining compensation for injuries resulting from slips and falls, car and truck accidents and medical malpractice. Leonard Hill, the founding partner of the firm, is a member both the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association (AAL) and the American Association for Justice. Since its inception, the Lacy Employment Law has been awarded more than $500,000,000.

Since the opening of my practice, I have made it my mission to fight for employees’ rights to fair treatment in the workplace. My associates and I have the resources and the requisite knowledge to take on employers and their legal teams and secure justice for our clients.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm, is committed to protecting the rights of Pennsylvania and New Jersey workers.

The Lacy Employment Law is a law firm serving Philadelphia and surrounding communities. It protects the civil rights of employees who have been subjected to unjustified job actions or discriminated because of their race, gender, religion, disability, or age. The services also cover work harassment, wrongful arrests, and abuse by the police. One of the firm's practitioners, Danny Cevallos, represents clients in federal and territorial courts. He also discusses legal issues in the news as MSNBC's legal analyst.

The Lacy Employment Law, a law firm in Philadelphia that also has New Jersey and New York employment and labor lawyers, is known for its team. The firm's main focus is employment litigation. It also handles matters such as wrongfully Withheld Wages, Executive Contract Violations, Whistle-blower Retaliation, or other employee issues. The law office includes several experienced trial lawyers who specialize in employment law.

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We provide employment counseling and litigation services to employees within the Greater Philadelphia Area. These include residents from Philadelphia, Bucks Delaware and Chester, Montgomery and Berks, Lancaster and Lehigh Counties. These employment-related issues have been dealt with by thousands of our clients:

The Law Offices of The Lacy Employment Law provide legal services for clients in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. This firm represents both employees and employers in various employment-related matters. These include sexual harassment and whistleblower claims as well as Family and Medical Leave Act and discrimination on grounds of gender, race and ethnicity. The firm can accommodate small businesses that don't have an in-house lawyer department. The Lacy Employment Law's lawyer has more than 30 years of legal experience.

The Lacy Employment Law assists clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. It can provide legal representation to clients who are involved with employment law issues. It also provides legal representation for clients involved in civil rights, civil litigation, financial litigation, construction, education and election laws. It also handles real estate, premises and products liability, healthcare and premises cases. Lacy, the company's lawyer, is a member of National Association of College and University Attorneys and Philadelphia Bar Association.

The Lacy Employment Law is available to clients throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. It represents clients involved in employment law issues. It also handles banking and financial litigation, civil right, construction, education, election, and other legal matters. It also handles cases relating to healthcare, premises liability and products liability, as well as real estate. Lacy, the firm's attorney is a member of both the Philadelphia Bar Association and the National Association of College and University Attorneys.

The Lacy Employment Law was established in Philadelphia in 2011. It has additional offices in New York, Newark and New York. It represents employees in all areas of employment law, including discrimination and sexual harassment, FLSA, hostile working environments, and wrongful termination. It also handles ADA claims. The firm is familiar with bringing cases to state and federal courts, as well the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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The Lacy Employment Law, a Philadelphia-based law firm, represents employees in class action lawsuits involving employment class actions, including wrongful termination, discrimination and violations of minimum wage, tip theft, and discrimination. Its mission is help employees to protect and uphold their rights, and seek damages or legal remedies. The firm also handles paraquat and consumer class action cases. John Weston, the firm's partner, is a lawyer who has been in practice since 1977. He is also a member at large of the Billion Dollar Lawyers Association.

Advertising Materials for Attorneys This website is maintained by the Lacy Employment Law Firm. This website is intended for informational purposes only. This website is not intended to provide legal advice or create a client/lawyer relationship.

The Lacy Employment Law is an employment law firm that serves Philadelphia and the surrounding communities. It protects employees who have been discriminated against or subject to unjustified actions in their jobs. They also cover harassment at work, wrongful arrests, or abuse by the police. Danny Cevallos, one of the firm’s practitioners, represents clients before federal and territorial courts. He is also MSNBC's Legal Analyst and discusses legal issues on the news.

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Although different cases warrant a different fee structure for typical employment related legal matters, your employment attorney will take 40% of the settlement amount. You won�t see this number stated on very many websites, but we believe in transparency for our employment law clients. The reason for this number is simple. We take all the risk. We will front your expenses and take the risk of losing everything if we do not get you a settlement or verdict at trial. Further, we go against the best. Unlike personal injury attorneys, we are up against attorneys for big corporations with unlimited resources in employment related litigation. Fighting workplace discrimination is hard. But we relish the challenge and fight to achieve the best results in the employment matters that we pursue.

Here are some questions that you should ask. How long will my case take? Am I better off settling early? Will you drop my case if we do not settle after the EEOC process? Have you handled this type of case before? How much of your practice is devoted to employment law?