Monday, April 19, 2021



Minister of Defence, retired Major-General Bashir Magashi

More soldiers to be recruited to combat Boko Haram: Minister

Mr Magashi mentioned that the president was very happy with the performance of soldiers confronting insurgency in the North-East.


Can Nigeria fight Igbo and Yoruba simultaneously?

The Fulani were better off in Nigeria six years ago than they are today.

PDP should enforce Makinde’s South-West leadership and rein in Fayose’s excesses

Anyone who does not understand the opportunity that Makinde represents for PDP in the SW does not understand politics at all.


Pantami is my friend, but he can’t be defended

It’s impossible to deploy the resources of logic, reason, basic decency, and even religious morality to defend some of the sermons Pantami gave.

Tinubu: A presidential disaster waiting to happen?

If Nigeria is to have a chance at survival, it shouldn’t make the mistake of replacing a dementia-ravaged Buhari with an emotionally and mentally troubled Tinubu.

Buhari’s obsession with Niger Republic harmful to Nigeria’s unity

This lack of convincing benefit to Nigeria is why criticism continues to trail the several economic and political gestures extended by the Buhari administration to Niger.

Pete Edochie: The day Chika Unigwe killed Okonkwo to death

We know the madness of Okonkwo. It has a method to it. What afflicts Pete Edochie, we do not know.