Identification guide

An identification guide to the many seashells, starfish, sanddollars, and more found along the shore


This guide is devoted to help in identifying the many seashells and other sealife that can be found along the shore. From seashells to sanddollars to starfish and more. With so much of the Earth covered by water it would be impossible to include all items that could be found but most people should be able to find what they are looking for.


Mollusks - An identification guide to the seashells you might find while beachcombing


Sanddollars - Here are some of the various types are sanddollars. Great for identifying which ones you have found.


Starfish - This is a great guide for identifying starfish you might encounter.

Egg Casing-  This guide will help identify the various seashell egg casings that wash up on beaches


Sea Urchins - Find out more about these mysterious spiny creatures


Sponges - These can sometimes be found washed up along the shore after a good wind or storm passes through


Crabs - Various species of crabs pictured


Sea Fans - Those beautiful soft corals found along the waters edge after a storm


Other oddities found along the shore Egg casings, seahorses, trigger fish, mermaid purses, etc...