Seashell Egg Casings

Here are some of the various types are seashell egg cases. Seashell egg casings often wash up on the beach or shoreline.  Each shell has such a unique case that people often wonder which shell developed the shell egg casing.  Many times, if winds are stronger, the egg case will not have hatched yet and each packet on inspection will contain a number of real tiny "baby" seashell.  If you look at the packets and see a tiny hole in it then the shells have already hatched.  If not sure which type of seashell casing you found, since many can look alike, we have added details for each on their own pages after you click the pictures.   As we find more from other seashells we will be adding them here


apple murex egg case
Apple Murex Egg case


Whelk egg case

Lightning Whelk Egg Case


horse conch egg case
Horse Conch Egg Case

skate egg case

Skate Egg case "Mermaids Purse"


pear whelk egg case

Pear Whelk Egg Casing

knobby whelk egg case 
Knobby Whelk Egg Case


banded tulip eggs
Banded Tulip Egg casing

Kings Crown Egg case
Kings Crown Egg Casing

fig shell egg case

Fig Shell Egg casing