250,000 people call on Volkswagen to change

Posted by Richardg — 26 July 2011 at 5:29pm - Comments
Stormtroopers in London on the campaign launch
All rights reserved. Credit: David Sandison / Greenpeace
Stormtroopers in London on the campaign launch

This morning something momentous happened.

Our Jedi-o-meter hit 250,000.

One quarter of a million people - from all corners of the galaxy - calling on Volkswagen to stop blocking progress on climate change.

We'd love to take all the credit for that, but the truth is: we can't. The only reason that our Rebellion has grown this strong, this quickly, is because you all got so involved.

I mean, we've got a few thousand friends on Facebook, and a couple of followers on Twitter. But there's no way we could have reached so many people without you enlisting your friends and making sure that everyone knew what Volkswagen was up to.

Because that's what this campaign is all about: making sure that Volkswagen knows that we're not happy that it's lobbying against action on climate change.

But hitting this milestone calls for a celebration. We don't have any cake, but we do have loads of awesome images that people sent us to support the campaign.

We've picked a couple that we really like, to see the others, visit the Rebellion's Facebook page.

But what we really wanted to say was simpler.

Thank you.

(And we'll see you at half a million!) 


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@fernando - indeed

@gina_eastwood - thanks for being a part of it

@candleflame99 - there are always campaign plans in the pipeline ;) but as you can imagine we can't be public about them, and everything is always dependent on the company's response. But we'll let you know as soon as we can.

Thanks for all the support.

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