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The underlying goal of all our work is a green and peaceful world - an earth that is ecologically healthy and able to nurture life in all its diversity.

Until now, modern governments and businesses have treated the Earth as a commodity to be exploited and used up to serve human needs and desires. Our whole economic system is built on the belief that a thing is only of value if it creates money.

By these standards a forest is worthless unless it is cut down and sold. When economists balance the books, they don't take into account the value of the work that forests do to provide rainfall, regulate the climate and provide habitat for most of the world's plants and animals, not to mention food and shelter for millions of local people.

As the productivity of nations rise, the quality of life on Earth falls. But there are solutions that can transform the world into a greener, safer place to live. We are working to bring about these solutions and spread our vision of a transformed world where the environment and sustainable development comes first.

Our vision for the climate

We want climate solutions that will help us prosper without damaging the planet. We're working to replace our hugely inefficient and carbon polluting energy system with a clean energy one so that our air will be clean and our climate will be stable and healthy.  Read more about how we're working to stop climate change.

Our vision for the world's forests

We're working to protect the world's ancient forests and the plants, animals and peoples that depend on them. The Earth's rainforests should be doing the job they were made for - regulating the climate, providing rain and enabling plants, animals and people to thrive. We are exposing the causes of forest destruction and working to transform industry practices to protect the world's remaining rainforests. Read more about how we're protecting ancient forests.

Our vision for healthy oceans

We want oceans that are protected and full of abundant, healthy marine life; oceans that are carefully managed, and sustainable fishing practices that don't put marine species at risk. We are working for a global network of marine reserves across the world's oceans – sea sanctuaries where no fishing or polluting industries will be permitted - and to eliminate destructive fishing practices. This is vital to protect battered ecosystems and give threatened species time to recover. Read more about how we're defending our oceans.

Our vision for a peaceful world

Governments and industry around the world must ensure that the Earth's finite resources are shared fairly, so people have what they need to live peacefully. That way there is simply no need to fight over dwindling food, gas, oil, and water, or to develop weapons of mass destruction. We tackle the root causes of global insecurity and promote a vision of green development which is vital for living peacefully on a finite planet. Read more about how we're promoting peace.

Find out how we make change happen, and what you can do to help to realise this vision.

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