Jobs and volunteering

Every action counts – and online campaign actions like signing a petition, emailing a friend, or sharing an image helps build a movement of people campaigning for a green and peaceful world.

Big companies and politicians pay attention to petitions, emails in their inboxes and posts on Facebook that mention them. Lots of people taking simple actions can change the world – and you don’t have to climb a smoke stack to help win campaigns with Greenpeace. Please take action today

Join your local Greenpeace network

By getting active with one of our 60+ campaigning groups / networks you'll be joining thousands of volunteers around the UK who are passionate about protecting the planet. You can campaign on the high street, lobby politicians, help at festivals or - after training - take non-violent direct action.
Paper Boats

Join our political lobbying network

Greenpeace is developing its Political Lobbying network and we are looking for serious, reliable people, supportive of Greenpeace’s vision of a green and peaceful world and who are willing to make a commitment towards helping us with our lobbying work on a regular basis.

Volunteer in the office

Voluntary opportunities range from helping with administrative tasks, mail outs, data entry, data analysis, translations, design and editing, research projects, assisting with events coordination, painting, sewing, carpentry, and many more.

Apply for direct action training

We can only take non-violent direct action (NVDA) because ordinary individuals make a personal stand to help expose environmental crimes. We're always looking for people with solid commitment to become part of the NVDA team so apply for training today
Face to face fundraisers

Help raise funds for Greenpeace

Our street fundraisers play a vital role getting new monthly supporters for Greenpeace and informing people about the work we do. We currently have teams in London, Manchester, Brighton and Plymouth. If you think you have the drive and passion to be a fundraiser find out how to apply.

Work for Greenpeace UK

Our staff work in a range of roles: campaigners, political advisors, press officers, web editors, events co-ordinators, fundraisers, warehouse staff and many more.

Work abroad and at sea

Greenpeace has offices around the world and three ships that travel the world campaigning. We're always looking for motivated, skilled and experienced ship's crew and global staff.

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