8 amazing and incredible renewable energy projects that we totally love

Posted by Richard Casson — 4 June 2014 at 4:48pm - Comments

On the day that David Cameron has taken another step to clear the path for fracking in the UK, we're taking a look at a few ideas he could be throwing his weight behind instead. Here are 8 renewable energy projects that we totally love. We'd like to hear about others you like too, so leave us a message in the comments below and let us know what we’ve missed.

1. Germany has invested big in solar and wind. And in the first six months of 2012, the amount of electricity produced using renewables jumped from 20% to 25%

And (get this) they're aiming for 95% by 2050. Impressive!

2. Germany hasn't stopped there. Not content with just slashing emissions, Berlin residents are taking power production back into their own hands, with locals aiming to take over and run the city's grid

If successful, it'll mean that residents will have a say of how profits are used.

3. Over in Portugal, a new record was set in 2013, when 70% of power was generated from renewables

Portugal's a world leader when it comes to renewables, like the wave power machine in the photo above, which was the world's first when it was opened in 2007. And for a few glorious hours at the end of 2011, Portugal's entire electricity need was met by renewables. Go Portugal!

4. In Denmark during March 2013, wind accounted for more than 80% of power demand

It's a stat that puts us to shame in the UK, because even though we're one of the windiest countries in Europe, we're still far from maximising wind's full potential.

But it's not all bad news. Despite the government's dash for gas and more fossil fuels, there's lots going on at home.

5. Take Pendock Primary School, for example. These kids raised £9000 to buy solar panels for their roof

Since they were installed, the school's bought 50% less electricity.

6. Down in Sussex, one village is building enough solar to power 760 homes.

They're putting panels on schools, on farm buildings, and hoping to build a solar farm. Have a watch of the video – it's super cute.

7. Then there's the Isle of Eigg in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. It produces up to 90% of its electricity from solar, wind & hydro

But the problem is that Eigg is just one island. Nationally, only about 10% of our power in the UK comes from renewables, even though there’s huge potential.

Politicians like David Cameron have a choice – more fossil fuels (booo), or get behind the renewables revolution (yeah!). Take action here, help the prime minister choose the right path.

8. And because we wouldn't want to finish on a downer... FLYING WIND TURBINES!

No, really. These are an actual thing. And high altitude = stronger winds = more energy + more efficiency. Total win!

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