How to: DIY fake oil for your actions

Posted by jamess — 28 July 2010 at 3:34pm - Comments

With fake oil actions spilling out all over the place, it's high time someone did some skill sharing. Step up our international office with their "activist recipe for fake oil".

Basically, you mix up some molasses with some corn oil, corn starch, chocolate powder and some flour and away you go (well, there's a bit more to it than that - full recipe here).

I'm sure there are a load of other ways to make an oily recipe, but our colleagues in Amsterdam promise this one is non-toxic and non-irritating for the skin.

Finally, you smear it all over your (partially) naked body and you're ready for action.

Here in the UK you might struggle to find the backdrops to match the New Zealand photos, though there is certainly no shortage of targets!

Let us know if you have any recipes of your own that work. Here's a slideshow of recent actions from New Zealand and Belgium if you need inspiration:

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