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Posted by jamie — 22 September 2010 at 1:31pm - Comments

Not all of us can scamper up an oil rig's anchor chain - but we can all come up with ideas, and we need yours asap.

As our occupation of Chevron's massive drill ship goes on, we want a banner slogan from you to explain what our politicians need to do about deep water drilling.

So far, Cameron's government has refused to issue a moratorium on deep water drilling following the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

But with your help that can change. We want your slogans - smart and funny - to make into a banner for the survival pod which is currently stopping the Stena Carron drilling ship for heading out to search for oil.

Basically it's a global brainstorm. And in a brainstorm, there's no such thing as a bad idea, so no excuses. And it needs to be short - the shorter, the better, so it fits on a banner. Send us anything that springs to mind. Send it on Twitter, on Facebook or in comments to this blog post.

So spread the word far and wide: the best idea will be made into a banner, right here on the Esperanza, and we'll get it up there on the pod, for the whole world to see.

You've got until 9am BST tomorrow (Thursday) morning - get thinking!

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