Tweet for (Green) Britain

Posted by jamess — 15 February 2013 at 10:35am - Comments
Tweet for good - let's green the UK's energy supply
by. Credit: Greenpeace

Listen up tweeps, put your Twitter addiction to seriously good use. It's Friday experiment time.

With the help of some volunteers we've pulled together a list of all MPs on twitter. We need to lobby as many of them as we can, to make sure they support the urgent amendment to clean our electricity currently in front of Parliament (here it is in the full geeky details).

Check out our live spreadsheet and click the links in the 'suggested tweet' column (or write your own).

Tweet as many MPs as you can - we need to make sure they don't ignore this critical campaign.

We'll be watching the #greenjobs hashtag - let us know how you get on by tweeting us @greenpeaceuk.

And as always, get your friends involved too. (Click here for a suggested tweet to this page)

Thanks to @WillStLeger @ThomFrench @hils5571 @aricooperdavis @sciencewitch @jacobskelton @Gian_TCatt @ladyroisin @Georgeavfc @marcelinthe @WilliamNB @HomEnergyAdvice @MabezereNashe @Ben1204 for all the help getting this MP data into the document, and @savethechildren for creating a list early last year.

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