VW: 500,000 Jedi can't be wrong

Posted by jamie — 1 February 2012 at 12:17pm - Comments

Our VW campaign has passed a significant milestone, as the Jedi ranks swell to over 500,000. That's an incredible half a million people demanding that Volkswagen gets behind the sort of climate laws we need to save our planet.

So thank you for signing up, recruiting your friends and keeping up the pressure on VW - it's been absolutely amazing.

It seems an appropriate time to take a quick look back over the last six months and pulling together the timeline above, I realised how much we've acheived. VW is the largest car company in the world, as well as one of the largest companies full stop, so this campaign was never going to be a short one. But we know the pressure you've been piling on is having an effect within VW and in the rest of the car industry.

We still want to sit down with VW's boss Martin Winterkorn to talk about how his company really can be the greenest one ever (as it likes to claim in its PR and advertising). Until then - and until VW stops lobbying against the new EU climate laws - the Rebellion is just going to keep on growing.

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