What are your election candidates saying about climate change?

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Election time is here again © CC Rodrigo Ono

And we're off! The election campaign is officially underway, although in practice it's been rumbling away for months. Listening to the news over the past few days, the political commentators seem certain that it's currently anyone's guess as to who will form the next government: Labour, the Tories or (whisper it) a coalition.

This uncertainty is no bad thing. For a start, it makes the process much more interesting, but it also means that with no party certain of victory, constituents have a chance to influence their parliamentary candidates' stances on various issues, particularly if they're in one of the key marginal constituencies which will decide the election. It's not a fair system but for the time being, we have to work with what we've got.

Greenpeace briefing:
Balancing the books: we've found £32bn in immediate public spending cuts that would do us all a favour

This is where you come in, as this is the perfect opportunity to get climate change high up on the agenda. Contact your parliamentary candidates and ask them what they're stance on climate change is and, if they haven't already, if they'll make a public statement outlining their commitments on the issue. We've made it really easy to find your candidates - find yours now.

All three main party leaders have pledged to tackle rising emissions so it shouldn't be hard for your candidates to do likewise. The economy is what everyone's talking about so will the next government work on recovery which is rich with investment in green technologies and the accompanying jobs? Britain’s energy, transport and housing stock needs huge investment for a low carbon overhaul. Cuts need to be made in wasteful projects such as replacing Trident nuclear weapons - £97bn is earmarked for that so imagine what could be achieved if that was diverted into renewable energy development?

We're working together with many other organisations including RSPB, WWF, Oxfam and Christian Aid as Ask The Climate Question to make climate change a key election issue, so you'll be one of thousands of people contacting your candidates. In the most contested constituencies, we're mobilising voters to ask their candidates climate questions on their doorstep and organising local Question Time events with local candidates. Find out if you're in one of those areas and get involved!

We’ll be looking out for commitments in party manifestos, TV party leaders debates and we’ll keep you up to date on progress made. We also want to hear about any public commitments made by candidates in your area so when you see their election leaflets, let us know what they’re saying on climate change.

And don't forget to write to your candidates. With your help we'll keep the pressure on up to election day.

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