Stop Hinkley Point: chip in to get this ad in The Times

Posted by Richard Casson — 30 August 2016 at 5:49pm - Comments
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It's been a month since Theresa May announced a sudden pause on plans to build a new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset. And though opposition to the project seems to get stronger by the week, the final decision could still go either way.

This coming weekend, the prime minister will be out in China at the G20 summit of world leaders. And while Hinkley isn't officially on the agenda, we can be certain it'll be raised in conversation when Mrs May sits down with French and Chinese politicians -- whose governments both have stakes in the troubled nuclear plant.

As the British government hasn't said much about Hinkley since Theresa May unexpectedly putting the brakes on the project last month, we've just launched an urgent plan to remind her of the strength of opposition to the nuclear plant.

Here's the email that explains what's happening, which I just sent out to Greenpeace members.

Hi there,

Theresa May is about to come under pressure to give Hinkley nuclear plant the thumbs up.

On Friday the prime minister will head to China for the G20 summit of world leaders. While she’s there, the French and Chinese governments -- two of Hinkley's big financial backers -- will be pressing her to make sure the project goes ahead.

With just days to go until Theresa May flies out, a hard-hitting newspaper ad could make sure she sets off with opposition to Hinkley at the forefront of her mind.

Featuring quotes from politicians and financial analysts who are united against Hinkley, our newspaper advert will prove how unpopular Hinkley is.

If enough of us chip in now, we'll run our ad full page in The Times -- a paper the prime minister's top advisors pay close attention to. Can you donate £2 to help get the ad printed?

Our newspaper advert will bring together powerful quotes from The Economist to HSBC bank, and the National Audit Office too -- exactly the kind of voices that we know will get the prime minister's attention.

Just imagine Theresa May's advisors sitting down in the morning, opening one of Britain's most popular papers and seeing our ad splashed across a full page. If we’re going to get the ad published before Theresa May meets with other world leaders, we’ll need to raise £10,000 in the next 48 hours!

Can you chip in a few pounds? Please click the buttons below and you’ll be taken to a page that’ll take only two minutes to fill out:

This time last year, the odds of stopping Hinkley were stacked against us. But now the tide is turning in our favour. And each week, the chorus of voices calling for renewable alternatives grows even stronger. Last Friday, a new report from a group of energy analysts concluded that "power generated [by Hinkley Point C] could be easily replaced by building four big offshore wind farms or three new interconnecting cables, or a mixture of the two." [1]

So let’s make sure Theresa May gets the message at this crucial moment -- clean, home-grown renewable energy is what’s needed to keep Britain’s lights on, not an expensive and out-dated nuclear plant.

With all my thanks,

Greenpeace UK

PS. If everyone receiving this email donates just £2 each, we’ll hit our target in no time! Click the link to quickly chip in to our newspaper ad calling for Hinkley to be scrapped:


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