Video: From Sea to Shelf – fisheries for the future

Posted by reto — 14 July 2009 at 5:02pm - Comments

With around 80 per cent of fish stocks in trouble, species driven to extinction and ecosystems on the brink of collapse, it's time to rethink how we harvest our oceans. This new video shows how Greenpeace has been encouraging retailers to clean up their seafood shelves - by switching to a sustainable seafood sourcing policy they can change the world's fisheries and help to protect the world's oceans.

In the North Sea, cod stocks have been depleted due to relentless over fishing. In the Mediterranean, northern bluefin tuna are on the brink of collapse, and yet they are still being served up as expensive sushi in restaurants such as Nobu.

Frustrated with the slow progress in fisheries management, we've been reaching out to those deciding on the seafood that ends up on our shelves. As awareness about overfishing and the pressure from customer rises, retailers are beginning to change their seafood sourcing policies.

You can pledge to protect bluefin tuna by signing our pledge not to eat it. We will use your pledge to help put pressure on the companies still trading in bluefin tuna, and the politicians who let it happen.

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