Greenpeace response to Climate Change Committee report

Last edited 30 June 2010 at 4:31pm
30 June, 2010

Responding to today's Climate Change Committee report, which warned that the government could fail to meet emissions reduction targets, Greenpeace energy campaigner Vicky Wyatt said:

"For far too long, politicians in government have been all talk and no trousers when it comes to climate change. And that's what this report is saying.

"If this new government is going to change that, they've got to match the ambitions of other countries, who are leaving us behind. For instance, China has invested billions in cutting-edge electric vehicles, while the UK government is still wavering on an investment of £260 million for green cars.

"It's not all about cars though. The government has also got to kick out the dirtiest power stations, and they've already promised an emissions performance standard. This has got to be right at the heart of new energy legislation, otherwise we could see the door open to climate wrecking power plants like the one proposed at Kingsnorth.

"It's time for politicians to stop talking out of their exhaust pipes when it comes to tackling climate change."


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