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This was the scene on the Esperanza's bridge as Luke called through to Sim on the Stena Don for the last time, as the climbers prepared to leave the oil rig. Apologies for the audio which is a bit fuzzy, but here's a transcript:

S: Esperanza, this is Alpha Climb, go ahead
L: Er you called us, over.
S: Oops, sorry about that. We just finished our last battery so this [radio] will be our sole means of communication over
L: Copy that, you will only be on VHF, only on VHF. The police on board have channel 67 to communicate with you. Please communicate with them when needed. Suggest you eat your remaining food, have a rest, and then slowly make your way out as and when the time is right, over.
S: Esperanza this is Alpha Climb, understand the police have channel 67 for communicating with us. Um, we copy that we should communicate with them to negotiate our exit.
L: Copy that, you should communicate with them and make your own way out. If you need assistance they are willing to assist you in any way necessary. If you need a line, please communicate with them directly as to where you want it, and make your way safely onboard.
S: Esperanza, Climb Team Alpha, understood, we will be standing by for that communication over.
L: Copy that, have a nice climb, out

Esperanza calls back:
S: Esperanza Climb Team Alpha, go ahead.
L: Yes, Climb Team Alpha, one more thing:We just want you to appreciate the mangnitude of the event you have undertaken. We are just approaching 40 hours, 40 hours of stopping drilling in the Baffin Bay area, please stand-by for one final communication from the Esperanza:
[Massive cheer erupts from the ship's crew]
Understood, over?
S: Esperanza, Climb Team Alpha, well understood! It has been truly a pleasure working with y'all and we hope to see you in the not very distant future! Over.
L: Indeed, we look forward to seeing you hopefully sometime in the next 24 hours. This is the Esperanza. Out.

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