24 hours to get cleaner cars

Posted by Hugh Mouser — 23 April 2013 at 6:17pm - Comments

Who'd have thought it? Just days before MEPs vote on what future cars should look like, UK oil companies, together with the RAC, have just come forward and said we're asking for the right amount of car fuel efficiency.

Tens of thousands of Greenpeace supporters have known it all along. Cleaner cars mean less need for oil and a safer Arctic.

And now European politicians could listen and vote for clean, not dirty cars - that could help change the game on climate change.

That's the message we're delivering to Thomas Ulmer, the MEP guiding the car fuel efficiency regulations through Europe - today.

But we still need to move fast - car companies are lobbying these MEPs to weaken the rules right now - so they can carry on selling as many inefficient cars as possible.

Click here to sign the urgent petition to Ulmer and the MEPs voting tomorrow!

The figures are clear - cleaner cars means less oil demand and less need to drill in dangerous places. Check out the video at the top of this page from our friends at Transport & Environment saying exactly that.

We all know that cleaner cars would mean a safer Arctic and less CO2 in the atmosphere.

Let's send a clear message from the world - that we want Europe to give us clean cars: www.EUvsCO2.org

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