Welcome to Glastonbury

Posted by jamie — 20 June 2007 at 2:46pm - Comments

Glastonbury is once again upon us and even though the festival proper doesn't start until Friday, the gates are open and happy campers are pouring in through every entrance. I'm currently holed up in a portacabin behind a replica of the Ark, madly editing video Tracy and I have shot over the past couple of days. We've a few technical hitches (lack of internet access being one of them) so we're a bit behind but now we're online, the stories will be coming thick and fast. Here are two we made earlier (unfortunately, that's me in the spotlight but don't worry, I'm not planning on making a career of it):


If you're coming down (or even reading this on our field thanks to the WiFi connection in the cafe), I'll see you in front of the Other Staqe for Björk. If not, just think about all the mud that won't be invading through every available orifice and don't be left out of I Count - sign up now.

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