Nutella, with this deforestation you are really spoiling us

Posted by jamie — 4 July 2008 at 12:11pm - Comments

Palm oil, an ingredient in Nutella, is responsible for the destruction of rainforests in south-east Asia

We're still working to build a coalition of companies which are determined to reform the palm oil industry so no more forest is lost due to the expansion of their plantations in South East Asia and with Unilever's help we're in contact with other major players in the palm oil trade. However, some are less keen than others to co-operate and need some persuading.

One such company is Ferrero, makers of Nutella and of course Ferrero Rocher. It is another large user of palm oil and one that has already been the focus of attention for our Italian office. They analysed the ingredients of Nutella and it contained 31 per cent vegetable oil, and much of that is palm oil.

Despite repeated requests from Greenpeace campaigners, Ferrero refused to reveal the names of its palm oil suppliers whilst saying it's dealing with the issue through its membership of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. But as I've mentioned in the past, as things stand this organisation isn't living up to its name and some of its members are actively involved in deforestation.

After sending a buffoonery of orang-utans, not to the ambassador's reception but to persuade the Italian football team to support the campaign (Nutella is a major team sponsor) and more than 9,000 of emails sent from Italian Greenpeace supporters, Ferrero still refuses to spill the beans.

It's still at the stage where Ferrero could be taking a lead on this, but without being honest and transparent about the source of its palm oil, Ferrero can't even begin to tackle the problem. So we're asking you to email Pietro and Giovanni Ferrero, the joint CEOs of Ferrero, and tell them that their company has to join Unilever in supporting a moratorium on deforestation for palm oil.

Update, 10th July 2008: Success! Ferrero have now agreed to join the coalition - read the full story!

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