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Change the politics, save the climate

Posted by jossc — 12 October 2009 at 7:11pm - Comments

After spending the night on top of the Palace of Westminster, Greenpeace activists laid out a banner on the roof, visible to MPs returning for the new Parliamentary session. Its message "Change the politics, save the climate", is a reminder that time to act is running out, and that we desperately need politicians who are willing to rise above the dogmas of party politics and actively meet the greatest challenge of our time.

Bail out the planet or you're not getting out

Posted by jamie — 10 March 2009 at 6:20pm - Comments

Greenpeace volunteers blockade a meeting of EU finance ministers in Brussels

Bailing out the planet in Brussels © Eric de Mildt/Greenpeace

Hundreds of Greenpeace volunteers from 16 countries arrived in Brussels today and set up a barricade around the conference centre where EU finance ministers are meeting to discuss funding options to tackle climate change. Linking arms to block the exits, the volunteers were determined not to let the politicians out until they agreed a proposal to bail out the planet.

(Twitter was a-buzz with regular updates from the scene - look back over the #climateaction tag.)

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