Danger! We're opening our Twitter account to lots of people

Posted by jamess — 15 May 2012 at 4:10pm - Comments
by. Credit: Greenpeace
Willie our oceans campaigner is keen to tweet pictures of his hippie Lego...

We're trying an experiment.

Over the next six weeks we're going to be giving people across the Greenpeace UK office the ability to tweet directly on our main account. Yes, the Greenpeace UK webteam is giving up control so you get unfiltered, unchecked content from all four, idiosyncratic corners of this wonderful organisation. Which means any number of people can now instantly push out their thoughts to our 36,000+ Twitter followers. What could possibly go wrong?

What we haven't told the people in this experiment is that we in the web team will be watching closely to see whose tweets get a lot of love, and whose tweets send you to sleep. That's for you guys to decide - by retweeting or not. We'll be keeping a secret tally.

Please let us know your thoughts - and what you'd like to hear more of - in the comments.

- A slightly nervous Greenpeace UK webteam.

PS the tool to make this work was volunteered for us by the coding wizard @onuruyar and is available open source on GitHub so feel free to use it and improve it!

Thanks Leon :)

We've got at least one person from every department and pretty much everyone who's happy using Twitter in the building. We haven't asked people who don't use Twitter at all (not sure that'd be a good idea...). That said, our little app is down right now, so there's another bump in the road :)

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