Cairn occupation is over, but the campaign goes on

Posted by bex — 18 July 2011 at 8:22pm - Comments

It's been a long day but, around 12 hours after our intrepid Polar bears occupied Cairn Energy's HQ, the last of them has now been removed by police. Around 20 people have been arrested in all, and most of them remain in custody here in Edinburgh.

Throughout the occupation, you sent us countless messages for Cairn in the form of Tweets and comments - thank you for your sterling work. We passed as many as we could onto Cairn, in the form Post-It notes individually hand written by polar bears, for all in the building to see. As far as we know, these are still dotted around Cairn's offices - on their walls and computer monitors, on their desks and on their doors.

Despite these messages - and despite the 50,000-plus emails you've written to Cairn - the company is still refusing to publish its spill response plan.

When we went to the Arctic to find it, they told us we'd have we to come to their international headquarters to get that information. Today we did that, yet Cairn continues to hide their plan.

It's now pretty clear that Cairn's hiding it because they know that any spill in the fragile and pristine environment of the High North would be impossible to clear up.

Which is exactly why this campaign will continue until Cairn stops drilling in the Arctic. Watch this space.

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