Christmas cards for all the family? We've got it covered

Posted by sara_a — 6 December 2013 at 9:03am - Comments
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In my family I am known as the one who always sends emails about campaigns and petitions. I suppose I am a campaigner so that is not a newsflash! Luckily my loved ones are very obliging and lovely and do sign up to almost everything I send them. However I know in my heart of hearts that really my aunts and uncles would love a little more often to receive a personal message from me, with an update on how I am and what I am up to, rather than a petition to sign.

So for me the Christmas e-cards we launched today are ideal. I get to send Aunty Kate a Santa card designed especially by Raymond Briggs, with a personal message.  And cousin Gavin will love to get an exclusive design by the Chapman Brothers. My mate Alex will crack up at the card designs by Modern Toss. For dad the Peter Schrank cartoon. And with Gran the only option is a pic of a cuddly polar bear.

Christmas for me is all about communicating, and catching up and a bit of gossip. And with the help of some huge names in arts and music these cards can help get everyone talking about how we can act now to protect the Arctic.

I’ll have sorted my Christmas card list, and on top of that I know that I have helped to spread the word about the Arctic campaign.  I hope that you will join me.

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