Global day of action: We love the Arctic, Saturday April 20

Posted by Nic S — 16 April 2013 at 2:24pm - Comments

As the ice melts, oil companies are threatening the pristine Arctic with industrial disaster. On Saturday, April 20, the world is calling for action to protect the Arctic for all of humanity.  Join the global day of action near you and be part of the urgent call for Arctic protection, because what happens in the Arctic affects us all.

Thousands of us around the world will come together to send a clear message to anyone who wants to profit from Arctic destruction – we love the Arctic. The pictures, films and messages we make will be delivered to Kiruna – a small town in Sweden – where the leaders of the Arctic Council will meet in May to discuss the destiny of the place at the top of the world which affects us all. They need to know that we're watching.

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