Heathrow injunction: Transport for London joins the fray

Posted by bex — 27 July 2007 at 2:06pm - Comments

Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has just joined the fray, speaking out against BAA's injunction. (If BAA wins its case next Wednesday, five million people would be banned from Heathrow airport, parts of two motorways and the entire Picadilly Line on the London Underground.)

Transport for London, he says, wasn't told about BAA's plans and is demanding that all reference to its services be removed from the injunction.

From the Mayor's Press Office:

"I regard BAA's proposed injunction as a serious infringement of civil liberties and an attack on the right to peaceful protest. It could have a significant impact upon London Underground operations. BAA did not consult Transport for London about this proposed injunction. Transport for London will be writing to BAA to demand that all reference to its property and services be removed from any such injunction and will oppose any attempt to restrict the lawful use of its public transport services in the courts."

Yesterday, human rights group Liberty called the injunction the "dangerous and undemocratic trend of large corporations seeking to trample the legal right to peaceful protest should be taken very seriously by the courts".


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