LEGO: Help children save the Arctic

Posted by Fran G — 5 August 2014 at 10:27am - Comments

No-one loves LEGO as much as a seven year old who’s just built their first masterpiece. But everyone who has played with the toy carries the joy of their inner child on through life. That’s why LEGO is such a desirable brand for Shell to piggyback on.

Where Shell signifies mess and destruction, LEGO brings bright and bold creativity. That is also why hundreds of thousands of us around the world are calling on LEGO to end the deal: for children, for the Arctic, and for the future.

The video launched today, ‘I Dream of the Arctic’, encapsulates children’s awe and wonder for the Arctic. The magical icy place at the top of the world represents not only the home of beloved animals, but also the delicate cooling system of the whole planet. For our kids, a world without the Arctic is a lost fantasy and a climate disaster.

Shell announced last week its continued plans to funnel more and more money into drilling for oil in the Arctic. A spill in the Arctic would be costly to homes and habitats throughout the Arctic circle – where millions of people live – and would be thousands of times harder to clean up than a spill in warmer waters. And the more oil Shell drills, the greater the risk to the climate.
‘I Dream of the Arctic’ was made by Robin, Chen Mingzhu and Florencia, with help from creative agency PGA. The three young girls spoke about the Arctic they knew and imagined for several hours – one in English, one in Spanish and one in Mandarin. From this a picture was woven together of the Arctic made in LEGO to tell how precious this place is to children around the world.
The CGI animation brings to life the fairy-tale wonderland of the girls’ imaginations, inhabited by Arctic animals and creatures from myth and beyond. LEGO embodies creativity, and recently launched an Arctic play-set. This is at odds with Shell’s drilling ambitions. Let’s protect the Arctic from Shell – tell LEGO to end the deal.

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