Not for shale! Anti-fracking group hits the streets of Lancashire

Posted by kcumming — 27 August 2013 at 12:49pm - Comments
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Are you in the market for a nice two bedroom house in the North West? In a previously quiet residential area, close to minor earth tremors, with the potential for high volume traffic and drilling right under your property? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Local Greenpeace volunteers brought the anti-fracking movement - growing around the country since last week’s Reclaim the Power camp in Balcombe - to the streets of Preston on Saturday. The group enlisted the help of a new estate agency,, to counter the pro-fracking hard-sell faced by local residents. Their slogan? Lancashire’s not for shale!

Along with Wrongmove signage, volunteers brought along a “frackometer”. Passer-bys tested their strength on the fayre ground-inspired game (pictured), with many mallet-swingers reaching the giddy heights of “gas flares” and “plummeting property prices”.

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Fracking is big news in Lancashire, where drilling company Cuadrilla already has an existing exploration well and intends to apply for more. The majority of people we spoke to were alarmed at Cuadrilla’s plans, and very much against fracking in the county.  

Over 150 people signed postcards to their local councillors, calling on them to say no to fracking in Lancashire. Local campaigners expect to gather hundreds more ahead of the county council’s decisions on drilling permits.

Look out around Lancashire as local actions rev-up to send the frackers packing!

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