Video: Fish on climate change and China

Posted by jossc — 14 August 2009 at 11:21am - Comments

Just in via our Climate Rescue weblog, here's a beautiful little filmic essay on the realities of climate change from Greenpeace China campaigner Xin Yu (otherwise known as "Fish"), made aboard the Arctic Sunrise during the current expedition to monitor a 100 km2 ice island breaking off Greenland's Petermann glacier.

Petermann is the largest floating glacier in the Northern Hemisphere, and is losing ice at an uprecedented rate, as the polar regions are proving highly vulnerable to rising ocean temperatures.

After spending more than five weeks in northwest Greenland,  the Arctic Sunrise last week began its transit back down the island's western coast. But even though the ice island has not yet calved, our time-lapse cameras remain in place, ready to document the glacier's disintegration, should it happen this summer.

Arctic Sunrise is now heading south toward the next stages of this expedition. Independent science teams will be joining us to conduct research on Greenland's east coast glaciers as well as sea ice.

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