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Posted by jossc — 19 October 2010 at 3:38pm - Comments

Greenpeace climbers scaled the Treasury building on the eve of the government's spending review, to hang a banner urging Chancellor George Osborne to create a Green Investment Bank which could create tens of thousands of new jobs by funding low-carbon programmes across the country.

The bank needs at least £6bn in funding to be able to do a proper job, plus the ability to raise it's own cash. So it's important that George lives up to his own green rhetoric and gives the bank the powers and money it needs to succeed.

Here are George's top 10 green promises. Click on one to send it to him as a reminder.


1. “Our commitment to the environment is as strong as ever.”

2. “The Treasury has often been at best indifferent [on the environment], and at worst obstructive…All this has got to change.”

3. “Instead of the Treasury blocking green reform, I want a Conservative Treasury to lead the development of the low carbon economy and finance a green recovery.”

4. “A Conservative Treasury will drive green growth…by financing a green recovery.”

5. “A Green Investment Bank can help kickstart our green recovery by providing green companies with the investment they need.”

6. “This [a Green Investment Bank] will help us deliver the green finance we need for new jobs in every region of the country.”

7. “Under a Conservative government, the Treasury will no longer be the cuckoo in the Whitehall nest when it comes to climate change.”

8. “If I become Chancellor, the Treasury will become a green ally, not a foe.”

9. “I see in this green recovery not just the fight against climate change, but the fight for jobs, the fight for new industry.”

10. “If we're to compete in the technologies of the future, and come out of this recession with a more balanced economy, then Britain needs to play catch up. Our Green Investment Bank will help us do precisely that.”

Sources: The Independent, Conservative website

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