Sending a resolute message to a forest destroyer

Posted by Richardg — 18 March 2014 at 4:03pm - Comments
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Resolute Forest Products is suing two of my colleagues for exposing its destruction of Canada's Boreal Forest. So this morning ten Greenpeace activists went to its home town to turn an iconic statue into a symbol of resistance.

Resolute is Canada's largest logging company, responsible for clear-cutting the beautiful Boreal Forest. Last year Resolute sued two of my colleagues, Shane and Richard, for exposing this destruction, slapping them with a vindictive lawsuit for $7 million. 

But if Resolute thought this would shut them up, it really doesn't know Greenpeace. Instead of being quiet, we're rallying people from all around the world to spread a very simple message: that Resolute destroys forests. 

Stand with Shane and Richard against Resolute's forest destruction.

This morning, ten Greenpeace activists took that message to Resolute's home city of Montreal. They climbed the 31 metre high Mount Royal Cross that overlooks the city, transforming it into a gigantic symbol of justice - and Resolute's determination to rig the debate in its favour. 

Their protest was widely covered in the Canadian media - which means even more people now know about Resolute's forest destruction. It's a perfect example of how suing campaigners to silence them tends to backfire.

What's ridiculous about this response is that Greenpeace isn't trying to shut Resolute down. We're just asking the company to work with us and develop a plan to manage the forests its logging.

We want it to work with the First Nations instead of destroying their land without asking. To stop destroying critical caribou habitat and suing its critics. To take responsibility for the Boreal Forests instead of clear-cutting them.

Lady Justice may be blind, but Resolute isn't. If we work together we can show this company that we can't be bullied into silence. Once it sees how many people it's taken on, it will have to back down.

Defend Canda's forests by standing up to Resolute Forest Products. 

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