British public reject meat, eggs and dairy products from animals fed on GM crops.

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25 September, 2000

An NOP poll commissioned by Greenpeace and released today reveals a large majority (67%) of the British public are opposed to farm animals being fed on GM crops. A clear majority of people (55%) do not wish to eat animal products such as meat, eggs, milk and cheese from animals fed on GM crops and 90% of respondents want products from animals fed GM crops to be clearly labelled. The results of the survey are:

Do you think the use of GM crops for use in animal feed should continue, or not?
Yes 26%
No 67%
Don't know 8%

How happy would you be to eat meat or dairy products such as eggs, cheese and milk from animals that had been fed on GM crops?
Very happy 6%
Happy 17%
No preference 22%
Would rather not 36%
Very unhappy 19%

Do you think that eggs, meat, milk etc from animals fed on a diet containing GM crops should be labelled as such , or not?
Yes 90%
No 9%
Don't know 1%

[NOP telephone interviews with 1001 adults aged 15+ between 1st - 3rd Sept, 2000]

Last Thursday (21/9/00) the Food Standards Agency called for the labelling of GM animal feed but the NOP poll demonstrates that this will not go far enough in meeting consumer concerns.

The results of the survey will have serious implications for supermarkets. Read the Greenpeace survey of the current positions of UK supermarkets on GM-fed animal products.

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