Greenpeace reaction to UKIP manifesto

Last edited 23 April 2015 at 1:53pm
15 April, 2015

Ariana Densham, Greenpeace Oceans Campaigner said: "If Farage and UKIP MEPs had spent less time in the boozer, and more time in the EU parliament, they would have noticed that the Common Fisheries Policy has been completely reformed. It is now the solution to many of the struggles facing local, sustainable fishermen. It is national governments failing to give a fair share of fishing quota to local fishermen that is the problem, not the EU.

"Farage is right about one thing; fishermen around the coast have been getting a raw deal for far too long – ignored by successive governments, and failed by the EU in the past. But fishermen are not fooled by UKIP’s claim that they are standing up for them – UKIP too didn’t represent them or vote for reform of the flawed fishing laws in the EU when it really mattered.

 "Fishermen are looking for a clear sign from the parties that they are now willing to take their demands seriously. Choosing to give a bigger share of the UK’s quota to local, sustainable fishermen makes sense for the next government made up of any colour(s) – it will boost jobs, regenerate coastal economies and protect fish stocks for the future."


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