Vestas wind turbine factory occupation - Greenpeace comment

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22 July, 2009

Commenting on the occupation by workers of the Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of White, the head of the Greenpeace climate change campaign Robin Oakley said:

"The RBS bankers got £775 million in bonuses for helping bring down the UK economy. By contrast, these men and women who could help Britain build a vibrant new green economy are being snubbed. The Government holds ultimate responsibility for the closure of this factory and the loss of 600 skilled jobs. It is factories like this and engineers like the ones occupying it that Britain desperately needs if ministers are serious about launching a green industrial revolution."

He continued:

"Last week Labour promised Britain would install thousands of wind turbines in the coming years. Are ministers really now saying they'd rather buy those turbines from abroad than make them here in the UK? Letting this factory close is like a football manager saying he's up for the cup then dropping his only goal scorer. It just doesn't make sense."


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