Wind Power: Managing Variability

Last edited 8 July 2009 at 10:52am
Publication date: 
8 July, 2009

Prominent energy analyst David Milborrow's review on wind power, Managing Variability, found evidence, and a consensus of expert opinion, that demonstrates:

  • Wind power can significantly reduce our climate damaging carbon emissions
  • Fluctuations in wind strength can be managed technically and at modest and declining cost.
  • High proportions of wind power in our energy mix are feasible, and are already successfully integrated in other countries.
  • A range of technological developments already underway could allow for a steadily increasing use of wind power and the phasing out of conventional carbonbased fuels as a backup technology.

The summary also draws out key conclusions and recommendations that would remove barriers, including barriers to investment, that prevent a rapid shift to large amounts of wind power in our energy mix.

Download the report:

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