Princes tuna: 'the tin full of sin'

Posted by jamie — 22 February 2011 at 5:40pm - Comments
Nice PR? Princes tinned tuna rebranded
All rights reserved. Credit: Alex Hofford/Greenpeace/B Darvill

Now I'm back in the office and finally warmed up after yesterday's trip to visit Princes in Liverpool, I've been able to browse through some of the slogan suggestions which have been sent in. There are some absolute crackers in the 1,000-plus ideas we've received. Not to mention a couple of logo suggestions which appeared on Facebook here and here.

Many people played on Princes's existing "Yours to enjoy" slogan, with "Yours to destroy" being a clear favourite, as well as plenty of puns around tuna, Jaws and fins. I've picked out some of my favourites below, and if you're struck with inspiration please add yours to the collection (your ideas will also be emailed to Princes).

And there are some rumours floating around following yesterday's shark attack. Is it true, for instance, that other companies housed in the Royal Liver Building along with Princes have been expressing displeasure at their neighbours' indiscriminate fishing methods?

And which quick-thinking shark who made it into Princes's reception and was asked for a name by a police officer replied "Fergal Sharkey"?

Now here are those top taglines for Princes's less-than-sustainable tuna:

Tuna fish today, soylent green tomorrow
         Teofan Tomescu

There are not plenty of other fish in the sea - Princes is making sure of that
         Michael Reynolds

Mmm, tastes like large scale slaughter!
         Heather Kennedy

There are plenty more fish in the sea. Probably
         James Atkinson

Entire species we'll destroy, so you can enjoy
         Trudi Hayden

Princes: care for no-fin
         Rosie Gibbs

Princes: unforTUNAte fish!
         Sue Moore

Best left on the shelf
         Rod Kebble

Slaughter the rest and take the best
         Marcus Jones

Jaws to destroy
         Paul Hartles

The tin full of sin
         Paul Rowlinson

Sorry, we are not in tuna with the rest of you
         Ian Perry

More tuna for me, less for the sea
         Daniel Jameson

Yours to enjoy, jaws we destroy!
         Mike Baldwin

Catch it. Kill it. Throw it back.
         David Hoare

Much as the vegetarian in me would love to see less meat and fish being consumed, I do agree with Maxwell that (for Greenpeace at least) it's not something that would be easy to achieve. Persuading people to eat less fish (or meat) is a real open-ended objective which Greenpeace isn't really structured to work on - we're more about measureable change which alters corporate or government practices, rather than influencing individual choice. Not that that's not an important part of making our civlisation more sustainable and responsible, it's just not what Greenpeace does best, but if a consequence of our campaign is that people think more about the fish they buy, that's brilliant.

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