Photos from the Amazon win international award

Posted by jamie — 3 March 2009 at 5:37pm - Comments

A section of rainforest surrounded by eucalyptus plantations in the Amazon

Eucalyptus plantations surround an area of rainforest in the Amazon: one of Daniel's winning images ©Greenpeace/Beltrá

Photographs illustrating the environmental problems we're facing provide one of the most powerful tools we have for our campaign work. Whether it's an image of the beauty that still remains or one of the havoc we humans so often create, sometimes one photo really can explain it all.

So it's fantastic when the efforts of our photographers are recognised. Daniel Beltrá, one of the many photographers who regularly does work for Greenpeace, has won a prestigious international award for his recent work in the Amazon, scooping an Award of Excellence from Pictures Of The Year International.

Now I'll shut up and let his winning pictures speak for themselves.

Watch an audio slideshow of Daniel talking about his work »

See more images on Daniel's website »

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