Justice for the Tokyo Two - justice for whales, coming our way?

Posted by jossc — 21 May 2009 at 11:20am - Comments

Hannah hard at work colouring in our Tokyo Two manga-style artwork outside the Japanese embassy last week

A big thank you is due to everyone who sent messages of support on behalf of the Tokyo Two last week. We presented two 'wishing trees' (complete with hundreds of 'wish ribbons' bearing your requests that they are fairly treated) to staff at the Japanese embassy, and over 2,200 of you emailed the Japanese ambassador.

Toyko Two: presenting our wishing trees at the Japanese embassy, May 8, 2008

Overall the effect seems to have been very positive - the intention was to make our point - that Junichi and Toru must receive genuine justice - in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner, and this approach was well-received by the embassy staff, many of  whom came out to look at our manga-style mural of the Tokyo Two story, which we set up and worked on just across the road from the embassy.

This was just the latest of many similar events that have been taking place all around the world and, fingers crossed, they may be starting to have some cumulative effect. A court in Amori, Japan, where their trial will take place later this year, recently rejected one of the biggest stumling blocks to the pair receiving a fair trial - a bizarre prosecution request that evidence of the whalemeat embezzlement scandal is irrelevant to their case and should be excluded.

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