Glastonbury: scenes from the field

Posted by jamie — 30 June 2009 at 5:42pm - Comments

There are a lot of tired but very happy (not to mention sun-kissed) people around the office today. Those who manned the Greenpeace field at Glastonbury are reappearing and they have such tales to tell. (I would have asked one of them to write this update, but they're all worn out.)

The big theme this year was our ongoing Airplot campaign and the field resembled Sipson village, complete with a replica of the King William IV pub along with staff member Tracy (she was real, though), there was a drive to get even more people involved. The signatures are still being counted but it looks like many thousands more have become beneficial owners of the plot of land we've bought down near Heathrow airport, including a certain Michael Eavis.

Elsewhere on the field, hundreds of people practised their climbing skills on the out-of-control tower, the clean energy showers were as popular as ever and of course there was another Big No to airport expansion (just see the video I put up yesterday).

So it's all over for another year and our crew will be getting a well-earned rest. Until next year, of course.

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